Bigfoot Climbing Gym is happy to announce the formation of our Youth Climbing Teams. Team members of all levels are welcome. Our coaches will teach self-confidence, problem solving, determination, sportsmanship, and positivity. We strive for your child/teen to have fun, get great exercise, and improve at one of the fastest growing sports!

We have a Yeti (beginner) team and a Sasquatch (intermediate) team. As climbing competitions again become a reality, we will form the Bigfoot (advanced) competition team which will be invite only. These teams are open to Bigfoot members ages 7-17. Teams will be mixed ages and based upon skill level, not age.

Yeti Team:

Practice on Wednesday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

This class is ideal for the new or casual climber. Technique and improving as a climber will be taught but not be the entire focus of the team. With this group, we will highlight the fun, sportsmanship, and social aspect of the sport.

Price: $130 per month (includes full gym membership)

Sasquatch Team:

Practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

This is the team for the improving climber. Some past climbing experience, enjoyment of the sport, and a desire to improve would be the traits of this climber.

Coaches will focus on proper and safe climbing, advanced climbing techniques, training regimens, and much more. Advanced climbers would also be included in this group. Coaching will be catered to both intermediate and advanced team members. Intermediate teammates will be given the tools and tips to become better climbers.

Advanced teammates will have the option and coaching to become competitive climbers at local competitions.

Price: $175 per month (includes full gym membership)

*All payments will be billed on the 1st of the month*

Coaches will select our Bigfoot Competitive Team members.