Bigfoot Climbing Gym now offers personal training sessions!

A trainer will work with you to develop a plan that will help accomplish your climbing goals. Beginning with a climbing evaluation, your climbing trainer will help you become better at individual moves, footwork, strength, endurance, or a training program.

Whether it is moving off the beginner plateau or finally sending that V7, we can help you get there.

1-hour session at $35 per hour. 5 sessions for $150

We offer coaching and training for your kids too! $35 per hour for the 1st child, $20 per hour for each additional child

Please call to reserve your spot.

Bigfoot Climbing Gym Clinics (2hrs each)

INTRO TO CLIMBING : This 2 hr clinic provides a basic overview of climbing techniques and an introduction to bouldering. Participants learn about climbing grades, basic movement and different hold types. Clinics are June 15, July 8 and Aug 3 & 31. Clinic fee $20 (includes shoes)

CLIMBING TECHNIQUE V3-V4: This is geared towards climbers with a couple of months of experience . We go more into detail on obscure climbing techniques, and extra focus on how to transition into climbing the next grade. Clinics are June 17, July 22 Aug 5. Member $15 Non-Member $30

CLIMBING TECHNIQUES V5-V6: This is great if you are feeling stuck at this level. The clinic will cover a complete list of all climbing techniques you would find in our gym as well as body positioning. Clinics are July 20 and Aug 17. Member $15 Non-Member $30

TRAINING 101: This clinic focuses on hangboarding, campusboarding, and how to use climbing sessions to maximize improvement. Clinics are June 29 and Aug 19. Member $15 Non-Member $30