Summer Clinic Series – 12 weeks: June 4th – August 26th (1.5 hr Clinics)

**All Clinics must be paid for at the time of booking, spots are limited.

~Intro to Climbing (every 4 weeks): June 14th (5:30pm), July 5th (6:30pm), and August 2nd (5:30pm) : Learn the basics and guidelines of bouldering in a climbing gym with some fellow climbers in the making! Members FREE, Non Members $30

~How to use/Identify Grip Types: June 27th (5:30pm): Geared toward the climber in their first few weeks/months of climbing, this class will teach you about the different holds and how to use them to your advantage. Members $20, Non Members $30

~Footwork/ Body Positioning: July 11th (6:30pm): Learn how to utilize your feet and move your body efficiently on a boulder problem. Suitable for climbers at any point in their journey. Members $20 Non Members $30

~Route Reading/Projecting: July 18th (5:15pm): Learn the secret language of the boulder in this class meant to help you with reading beta and applying intention in your climbing. Suitable for all climbers. Members $20, Non Members $30

~Dynamic Climbing: June 29th (6:30pm): Learn how to fly like an eagle in this class geared toward Dynos and coordination movement. Suitable for folks around the intermediate level and up. Members $20, Non Members $30

~Strength Training/Skin Care: July 14th (5:15pm): Get in tune with some helpful information on good practice for skin health and muscle training. Suitable for all climbers. Members $20, Non Members $30

~Advanced Footwork/Body Movement: July 20nd (6:30pm): Learn to use your feet like an extra set of hands and the more advanced mechanics of Body Movement. Suitable for the intermediate and advanced individuals. Members $20, Non Members $30

Climber Progression Program 12 weeks: June 27th – August (75min Class)

**All Classes must be paid for at the time of booking, spots are limited.

V0-V2: June 27th and June 29th, July 11th and July 13th

V3-V4: (tbd) July

V5-V6: (tbd) July

V7+: (tbd) Aug

2 weeks for each “level”, 2 classes options per week. Participant can choose to do both classes, but unnecessary. Going over the common hold types of each grade, sequencing, technique, and fitness levels. The goal of the class is to give you tools that you need to climb at the grade of the class. Ex: A V4 climber, looking to improve, should join the V5-V6 class.

Members $30, Non Members $40

Bigfoot Climbing Gym now offers personal training sessions!

A trainer will work with you to develop a plan that will help accomplish your climbing goals. Beginning with a climbing evaluation, your climbing trainer will help you become better at individual moves, footwork, strength, endurance, or a training program.

Whether it is moving off the beginner plateau or finally sending that V7, we can help you get there.

1-hour session at $35 per hour. 5 sessions for $150

We offer coaching and training for your kids too! $35 per hour for the 1st child, $20 per hour for each additional child

Please call to reserve your spot.