Adult Bouldering League

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021 - Oct. 11, 2021

All Day

Adult Bouldering league is back once again! Grab a team of four and get ready to compete, have fun, and get in shape for the fall! Don’t have a team? Leave your information at the front desk and we’ll put you on a team. The Fall Session will run from Thursday, September 9th to Wednesday, October 6th.


  • Each team will be able to compete once each week, from Thursday afternoon to the following Thursday afternoon.
  • Each Thursday afternoon, a new scoresheet will be provided, listing the eligible boulder problems for the week.
  • Score sheets will be due by 9:00 every Thursday. If a team does not fill out a score sheet one week, they will receive 0 points for the week.
  • The first week of competition will be Thursday, September 9th-Thursday, September 16th. The competition will then run for the following three weeks afterwards.
  • If a team member cannot compete one week, no alternates will be allowed, however, each competitor’s lowest weekly score will be dropped.
  • All team members must be present to fill out a score sheet. Each team may only fill out one sheet per week.


  • Each week, the newest set problems will all be eligible for scoring. These will be listed on each weekly score sheet
  • Each team members’ three hardest problems completed each week will be scored for points. Number of attempts will not be recorded.
  • Each Thursday, a leaderboard will be posted on the bulletin board in the gym with the cumulative scores for each team.
  • At the end of the four week competition, the team with the most cumulative points will win a special prize.


  • Attempts are not recorded.
  • To “send” a boulder problem, a climber must begin climbing with both hands on the start hold(s), and finish with both hands matched on the finish hold, or at the top of the wall if there is no finish hold.
  • Touching the mat with any body part, or weighting a hold of a different color while climbing will negate a send
  • Score sheets will be filled out by team members based on the honor system. If anyone is caught cheating, their team will be disqualified. The staff will be watching.

Signing up:

  • Participants may choose to sign up as a team, or to be put on a random team by the staff.
  • Climbers who do not sign up as a team must indicate which days they are available to compete and will be matched up based on their availability. We will contact you with our suggestions.
  • A team must be signed up with a score sheet turned in by Thursday, September 16th (the last day of the first week of competition) to be eligible.